This is Neeve Graham


Okay, you might be thinking why is Neeve leaving her house so early in the morning.  In fact you might consider that if the moon and the stars are out, then it might be very very early.  Some of your assessment of her situation might lead you to the conclusion that she is a somnambulist.  Well she isn’t carry any list never mind a list of some nambus.  Right I know what you are thinking.  What is a nambu and why would you have these on a list. We know that Neeve is going to pick flowers for her sister Freya.  We also know that Freya is a beautiful name.  Perhaps nambu is one of these shortened terms that young people have invented as a quick way of saying beautiful name.  I would, therefore, propose that Freya would be the name on Neeve’s nambu list.

Neeve has beautiful red hair and the light from the moon and the stars makes it sparkle in the early morning.

So she is going to gather some flowers.  The next blog will explore what happened to her as she set out along the path.

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