You really can’t count on monkeys for anything. Can you?


Well there are monkeys in the trees as Neeve walks through the forest and the instructions are there to count them.  Look I will make it easy of you.  There are four monkeys.

What do you mean you can see maybe five or six.  My friend, you are seeing things in the shadows of the trees or perhaps you have been drinking.  There are definitely only four monkeys.  I know because I was there when I painted the mural and I definitely remember painting four.

What do you mean that I painted the mural some time ago and perhaps the monkeys have been breeding.  Highly unlikely, however, if by some strange quirk of the space time continuum and monkeys from a parallel universe could breed in a mural, then you may have a point.  However, I think these monkeys would have been highly irresponsible to mess up my counting.

It just goes to prove that you really can’t count on monkeys for anything though.  Can you?

Just what will happen to Neeve in the next blog?

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