Is this interesting content for the back cover for my new novel?

This week, I have been submitting synopses and introductory letters to agents in an effort to initiate the publishing of my novel ‘Checking Out of the Hotel Euthanasia’.  An interesting aside to this is that I had to look up the plural for synopsis which is synopses.  As part of this process, I researched the concept of what the content of a back cover for my novel might contain.  This has been very useful learning in amending my introductory letters as it focusses on what matters to the reader or browser of books.  What I have taken on board is that the content of a back cover needs to:

  • Grab the attention of the reader
  • Make the reader think
  • With each statement draw the reader into the proposition of the novel while not giving a way spoilers
  • The content needs to give a taster of some of the humour contained in the novel
  • It needs to be succinct

So with this in mind, I have outlined the following content below.  What do you think, does it grab your attention?

Assisted suicide is no laughing matter….unless you just happen to be the catastrophic Scottish Catholic terrorist group setting out on a mission to blow up the Hotel Euthanasia.

Set 21 years in the future, in the imaginary Principality of Villadedino, a range of bizarre guests book into the Hotel Euthanasia for their final self-indulgent fantasies in the decadent splendour of the eXi-theme Departure Suites, little knowing that a series of chaotic events will lead to unintended consequences for them, the planet and the future of deep fried foodstuffs!

This character rich, dark comedy, balances an exploration of the moral and philosophical issues surrounding assisted suicide with extreme comedy at the edge of literary risk taking.

Make a reservation today…but be careful though, you may just end up ‘Checking Out of the Hotel Euthanasia’ dying with laughter!

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