Neeve likes the pink and blue flowers but is she exhibiting anti social behaviour?


Its not every day that you meet four cockatoos while out walking and Neeve has been particularly lucky this morning as she picks flowers for her sister Freya.  The act of picking flowers was considered to be fairly non contentious when I was painting the mural but I have come to think that some people might think it was anti social behaviour.  I would not want readers to think badly of Neeve or that she was in some way a juvenile delinquent.  So, I think I need to put any offended readers minds at ease.  The flowers Neeve is picking are wild flowers and you can see from the proliferation of the many flowers growing that even though Neeve has picked some of the flowers, they will still be able to regenerate.  If you need further reassurance, can I just point out that this is actually a mural painting and that no flowers were harmed in the creation of this painting.

So to the cockatoos….I am sure that all you parents out there have told your children not to talk to strangers.  Good advice, but what about cockatoos?  This may cause you to reassess the advice you give to your children to include encounters with cockatoos.  Again I would want to reassure you that this is just a work of fiction and the cockatoos are completely harmless.  Just to be on the safe side, Neeve does not answer them.  Probably best to be safe than sorry.  However, I happen to know that the cockatoos actually help Neeve when she encounters some problems in a future blog.  You will have to wait to see this at a later date.

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