Neeve walks along the wandering path


For the avoidance of doubt, Neeve has not been walking through the forest on her knees.  I know that some people will look at this painting and want to take what it portrays literally.   You may also be concerned about the health and safety regulations that govern the well-being of characters who appear in the writing of children’s stories.  To those readers, I would point out that Neeve has stopped on her walk, knelt down to pick the flowers, (obviously taking into account any health and safety advice that her parents have given her about bending) and will continue on her walk after doing so.  But there are two Neeve’s you say.  Where has the other one come from?  Again I would ask you to suspend your disbelief just for a moment to accept that there is only one Neeve.  What you are seeing is Neeve at different points in time.  She does not have multiple personality disorders and is in fact a very sweet little girl who is intelligent and fun loving.

Now let me come to the wandering path.  The path does not have a life of its own and is in fact static and the twists and turns it takes are merely a device to carry Neeve through the early parts of her story.  You will notice in the top right hand corner a hint of the sea where the path comes to an end.  Might there be a cliff there?  What will happen to our protagonist Neeve and is this the portent of some twist in the tale that is somehow being foretold through the wandering nature of the path?  Check out the next blog to find out!

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