Neeve meets Pearl the mermaid who takes an ethical stance against product placement


As the creator of this story, I tried my best, on behalf of my sponsors, to persuade Pearl the mermaid to give Neeve a bottle of a well known brand of French perfume or failing that an iconic can of fizzy drink or even a laptop with the strategically placed logo emblazoned across its lid. I offered Pearl all sorts of incentives such as a pair of fashion shoes, a trip to the pyramids or a years supply of sea salt but to no avail. Pearl just refused to get involved, citing her ethical policy as a mermaid. She pointed out that unlike other mermaids she had refused to wear a bikini top for the story, which she understood other mermaids had done after being paid vast sums of fish, for what she considered an unnecessary and unnatural item of clothing for mermaids. She also felt it was immoral to influence young minds who, while reading the book would be indoctrinated into pressurizing their mothers and fathers to go and buy them fancy scent or, for that matter, any other products strategically placed in the picture.

In the end I reluctantly had to settle for Pearl’s own suggestion of a magic seashell, which on reflection I think could be turned to my advantage and maximise profits by developing it into merchandise to sell in toy stores across the nation. Currently I am in discussion with a well known perfumery to have its logo on the outside and for a whiff of its fragrance to diffuse each time the seashell is opened.

I hope you can follow who Neeve meets next in her swim in the ocean.  All I can reveal is that she has a whale of a time.

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