Neeve gets help from Wally the whale that may increase the stress levels of air traffic controllers


So you can see from the painting that Neeve leaves the ocean behind aided and abetted by a helpful whale called Wally.  Relatively straightforward, you would think, with Wally creating a bubble for Neeve to float through the sky to go on her next adventure.  However, this may be rather naive of Neeve or willful of Wally. What if the bubble gets blown off course and ends up in airspace that then causes problems for commercial airlines.  As you will know Air Traffic Controllers have an extremely stressful job maintaining the safety of the airspace.  I would not wish to add to this stress by placing small children inside bubbles in their way.  Perhaps if I, as the creator of this painting, had thought a bit more about it, I would have come up with a safer way of Neeve getting out of the ocean.  Perhaps an elevator or a rope and pulley system but hindsight is a great thing.

Another thought occurs to me that if parents across the world read this book or blog and blow giant bubbles and insert their children in the aforementioned bubbles that this could cause severe ecological damage to the environment.  I am thinking here of these bubbles with all the children floating off into the ether and coalescing together in such a way that would block out the sun.  This would obviously be great fun for the children as they bounced about together several miles above the earth but could have problems for agriculture if no sun is getting through.  So I would make a plea to parents – do not try this at home.

In the next blog we will see where Neeve travels to in her bubble.

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