Neeve floats high in the sky towards a collective unconscious French/ Italian Renaissance styled cloud castle


Neeve is heading off into the sky clutching her seashell and hoping that she will not fall foul of any air traffic control requirements. You can see that she is going to float high in the sky towards a cloud castle. You will be interested to note that the cloud castle is in the style of the French or Italian renaissance. Why this is, I do not know. It seems to be that whenever someone thinks of cloud castles they are always constructed in the mind in this particular style. Perhaps there is a collective unconscious archetypal cloud castle that we all subscribe to. I am not by any means saying here that Italians or French people live in the clouds. I would not wish to upset the Italian defamation league or the French football league or any other league for that matter. I merely point out, and please close your eyes and try it for yourself, that if you think of a cloud castle it always appears as if designed by a French or Italian renaissance architect. There see what happened when you closed your eyes and thought about it. I rest my case.

So who does actually live in the cloud castle? Is a swimsuit the most appropriate garment for Neeve to wear when wandering around in the clouds? Neeve’s wardrobe equilibrium will require being resolved in the next blog, but how?

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