Neeve’s friends the cockatoos, carry her clothes to the cloud castle for the sake of social realism but results in litigation for my wife


I knew I had a problem. Neeve had dived into the ocean in her swimsuit, met Pearl the mermaid and then had been blown into the sky inside a giant bubble, still in her swimsuit. How was I going to justify her appearing in the cloud castle with her clothes on again? I would have been under scrutiny from my younger readers who would, quite rightly, have pointed out this flaw in the presentation of the story.

So how did Neeve get her clothes back? The solution was not far away and was readily pointed out by my wife who has a particular knack of identifying anybody or anything that is not suitably employed in a useful activity. “Look,” she said, “there are four cockatoos sitting about in the forest doing nothing. They could easily take themselves away from saying ‘hello’ to casual passers by and do something useful, like carry Neeve’s clothes to her in the cloud castle.”

It was a stroke of genius setting young minds at ease while gainfully employing the cockatoos. While it solved one problem, it created another; cockatoos, as you will be aware, do not work for the minimum wage and shortly after the mural was completed they sent me, through their agent, a bill for $532 plus expenses. I have now instructed my lawyer to sue my wife for inappropriate advice.

You can rest assured that this litigation does not impact on Neeve in any way as she is clearly not liable for the costs of this mural and story. You will be more interested in who will she meet in the cloud castle?   Look out for the next blog and if cockatoos offer to take your clothes from one place to another, make sure you check what their fee is beforehand.

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