The Princess gives Neeve a present for her shell but she would really have preferred a smartphone.


You can see from the painting that the Rainbow Princess gives Neeve a rainbow for her seashell. Now Neeve is a very well mannered little girl and outwardly shows appreciation, indications of gratitude and conviviality. However, inwardly Neeve is thinking to herself, “What am I going to do with a rainbow? Do I rush home from school to look at it and say to myself, wowie zowie there’s the color yellow or whoopee doopee, there’s the color blue. Can you imagine if I brought all my friends round to show them and they would be like, ‘so its a rainbow!’  Quite frankly I would have preferred something a bit more useful to a girl of my age such as a smartphone with unlimited supply of texts and call minutes or even a color TV so that I could watch the latest episodes of ‘Desperate Housewives of Pittsburgh’.

But there you have it, the Rainbow Princess has given Neeve a rainbow, so she will just have to make the best of it and put it down to one of life’s little disappointments. In all probability you might even find it for sale on eBay any day soon. Let’s hope she finds something a bit more interesting on the next part of her adventure.  Watch out for future blog.

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