Neeve considers the ethics of using a seashell for packaging


Receiving a gift of a seashell from a mermaid can be complicated for a young girl. Neatly packaged inside her seashell are the perfume of the flowers and the colors of the rainbow, which is all very well and fine, but because she is a very thoughtful girl, Neeve reflects on the ethics of the packaging provided by the mermaid.

She weighs up the issues in relation to the seashell and reflects that the mermaid could perhaps have provided her with a shoebox for the perfume, as the cardboard packaging is renewable and biodegradable. In addition, it will take some time for the seashell to break down. On the other hand, she thinks that the shell does not contain any dangerous chemicals that would be harmful to a child and, after all, it has been recycled having been used previously as housing by a marine bivalve mollusk.

Her conclusion is that, receiving packing of this sort results in an ethical dilemma for a little girl, however, given the seashell is very pretty, has magic properties, and that a cardboard box would have become quite soggy when it was in the ocean, then the seashell was probably the most pragmatic and ethically sound packaging that was available to the mermaid.

In relation to the contents, are you sensing a theme developing here? Find out what happens in the next blogs.

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