Neeve is given a song, which could be a good career move for the blackbird


Neeve hears a beautiful and haunting song as she walks home through the forest. It is a blackbird who offers to give Neeve some of his song for her seashell. Perhaps you are thinking what I am thinking and whether this is a new way of storing music in a mobile device. Is the blackbird at the forefront of innovation and inventing an alternative to mp3 technology?

So what does the blackbird get out of this? We know he has not copywritten the tune so Neeve can listen to it as often as she likes and share it with others. She might even upload it onto the Internet under the heading of weird things that blackbirds can do. In actual fact the blackbird has figured all this out and is hoping that by Neeve sharing his song it increases his public profile. He has calculated that if his song is listened too enough then it could lead to sell out concerts and tours around the world or even migrating birds making a detour from their usual flight course just to hear his song.

As for Neeve, she is really pleased to receive the blackbird’s song and is starting to warm to versatility of the seashell Pearl the mermaid gave her. Even the grass is pleased for Neeve and forms her name from its stalks. Perhaps you can see her name and there will certainly be more to follow in the next blog.

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