Does Neeve live in a slum property and does she have a superiority complex?


Representing two different locations in the one painting and asking the onlooker to suspend reality is always difficult and possibly open to interpretation. Neeve has returned home after sliding down the rainbow and talking to the blackbird. It is worth pointing out that Neeve does not live in a dilapidated property possibly rented to her by a slum landlord. Her house does have proper walls, windows and a roof. In fact she lives on a very nice housing development.  The reader does not need to worry about her getting wet if it rains or the elements imposing on her toys. It is merely represented this way to show different locations and times in the one painting and you are asked to view this as a visual story.

Ok, now that I have set your mind to rest, we can focus on the matter of Neeve showing the gifts she received on her journey. You will notice that she is sitting high on a chair and her little sister is on the floor. Is this an indication of second child syndrome and a superiority complex of the older girl within the relationship between the two siblings? Again I would wish to put your mind at rest as Neeve is a very sweet and caring little girl and you can see that her sister Freya has been playing with a train and this necessitates sitting on the floor. Neeve is a bit older and naturally would like to sit down on her chair especially after the long journey that day. So sibling rivalry is not a factor in their relationship here. Freya is obviously enthralled by the contents of the magic seashell.

There is also another small character in the corner of the painting. We will hear about him in the next blog.

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