Are garden fairies fashion victims in need of style reassurance?

Gerard Graham Writer


Secreted away in a corner of the painting is a little chap with an important job.  It is Tiny Timmy Tryhaton whose specialisation is to try hats on for all the garden fairies in order that they get one that is the correct size.  He started the job as an intern working for free for the fairies, but soon his skills in this niche market were recognised and he has cornered the market in trying hats on and then supplying them according to size to an eager consumer driven group of fairies.

As you will probably guess fairies by their nature are fashion victims.  Not for them simple functional garb.  When was the last time you saw a fairy dressed in anything other than in a flamboyant highly stylised manner and this doesn’t happen by accident.  No, they work hard to get their look just right and that is where Tiny…

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