What an adventure for Neeve but is she just getting in touch with the right side of her brain?

Gerard Graham Writer


Neeve has obviously had quite an adventure and has met lots of ….wait… they are not really people…so… what has she been up to?  Could it be something to do with  overcoming the dominance of the left side of her brain and getting in touch with the lesser used right hemisphere?  Has she simply been daydreaming?  Or perhaps she has eaten some organic fruit, impacting on a reduction of steroids that has stimulated her pineal gland to release an increase in melatonin?  There is a dreamlike pattern and spatial creativity to her adventures and you will have sensed a connection with a number of evolutionary factors.  There is the phenomenon of a blackbird who sings a song that can be saved in a shell.  You will note the ‘deep time’ links back to a primordial forest.  The left hemisphere of our brain is good at counting monkeys but what has it given up to…

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