Danny sleeps on the job because of his zero hours contract

Danny Graham as you can see is fast asleep.  He is obviously tired as he is a character in a children’s mural/ book but the artist has been overworking him on a zero hours contract.  Danny has had to work at the whim of the artist when he was called at short notice be included in the mural.  Unfortunately Danny does not have any trade union support as he cannot afford to pay the dues and is worried that the artist may not use him again if he complains.  This brings him to the point where he has rested his eyes for just a few minutes, as he has thought. Unfortunately, however, he has been captured in this pose by the artist and he will have no case to take to an industrial tribunal should the artist refuse to pay him for sleeping on the job.

OK, this has just been a figment of my imagination and Danny who is a real boy is obviously too young to work and will probably be off somewhere playing soccer as we speak.  We will hear more about Danny soon.


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