Danny Reports Monster Slurs About Nessie to the Press Complaints Commission

We can see Danny’s path that he walks on every morning.  We also see the boat he uses to visit his friend Nessie.


Here I would just like to point out that Nessie has had some very bad press.  Danny has reported the malicious slander to the Press Complaints Commission on a number of occasions. It is fair to say that Nessie has developed a bit of a complex when she reads reports in the papers labelling her as a ‘monster’.  If it isn’t bad enough living in Loch Ness and having to put up with listening to the incessant bagpipe music from some of the residents, or enduring the humiliation of boating parties throwing haggis at her, she also has to suffer the indignity of being tarnished with the reputation as a ‘monster’!  Nessie would much prefer to be identified as a very personable plesiosaur and can’t figure out where all this monster stuff has come from.  She has always tried to get along with everybody. Danny’s daily boat trips out to exchange pleasantries with Nessie are evidence, if any were needed, that she is a warm engaging sort of plesiosaur and all these monster insinuations by the media are just far fetched prejudice that exploit Nessie for pure sensationalism and to sell newspapers.

Danny, being a natural advocate, is very supportive of Nessie and listens to her latest scandalous examples of ‘monster’ stereotyping.  He promises to make yet another objection to the Press Complaints Commission on her behalf.  The press really do have it in for her….let’s hope Danny’s intervention makes a difference this time!


Tune in soon to find out what Danny gets up to next.

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