Why is the castle built next to the railway line?

Danny visits the castle to raise the Scottish flags. He is patriotic towards Scotland despite the performance of their national soccer team. Analyzing the scene, you can tell we are looking at a story some time in the future. This is because Scotland has seceded from the English tyranny to become an independent country with its national pride, rich in natural resources, intelligent people, sheep and deep fried pizzas.


The castle is of course famous for the American tourist who asked why the Scots built Edinburgh Castle next to the railway line. He was of course informed that if the invading English armies were seen in the distance, it just provided enough time for Mary Queen of Scots and Wee Willie Winkie to get down to catch the regular 15 minute service from Edinburgh Waverley Station through to Glasgow Queen Street.

What will Danny’s adventures be next time? Tune in to find out.

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