Why wearing football boots rather than socks will help the USA win the World Cup

You will see that Danny is watching a football game which causes him to consider why the USA, with its superior resources and its population of 319 million people to draw from, has never won the World Cup.  He reflects as the centre forward shoots and scores the goal that the player is wearing football boots.  He knows that in the USA the game is called soccer.  Danny, having studied history, is aware that the term soccer came about when the poor European immigrants arrived in the USA and could not afford brand name football boots and had to play the game in their socks.  Hence the term soccer.  The tradition carries through to the present day when the USA team takes to the field of play sporting their red, white and blue socks but no football boots. That is it he realises!  By calling the game soccer, it is an immediate disadvantage for the Americans. Wearing socks on match days, instead of football boots, does not provide an even playing field for the Americans when they are up against a team wearing football boots.


He makes a mental note to write to the President of the United States to change the law so that the game is brought into line with the rest of the world.  With the abandoning of the term soccer, playing the game in football boots instead of their socks and elevating the status of the game to be more important than life, death and pizza, he thinks, it will not be long before the USA wins the World Cup.

More from Danny’s thoughts soon.  Tune in to find out.

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