Why have parrots called Esther replaced sheep on the Scottish hillsides?

You will probably be aware of the Highland sheep clearances that took place in the second half of the 20th century. This was the result of the demise of wool products and greedy landowners replacing sheep with parrots to take advantage of the demand for polyester fleece garments. The poor unfortunate sheep were herded onto sailing ships and transported to the colonies.


So gone are the days when there were hundreds of sheep on the Scottish hillsides. Danny has encountered a small group of seven sheep but he has heard the stories of the days when you couldn’t venture onto a Scottish hill without seeing lambs gambling, sheep playing cards or making their way to the many sheep casinos.

Anyway, with the closure of the sheep casinos, the remaining sheep have had to take up an alternative form of entertainment. The group that Danny has just encountered had only just completed their ensemble harmonica playing.

Instead of sheep you are now more likely to encounter the flocks of parrots that have taken up residence. It won’t take long till one sidle’s up to you chirping away trying to flog you a cheap polyester fleece.

Oh how things have changed. What adventures will Danny get up to next. Tune in soon.

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