A Korean boy strides into Danny’s dream with shoes thirty one times the size of his own

Danny has just played a game of football.  He is now glad to be having a little sleep.  You will notice that he has taken off his shoes and this is the matter that filters into Danny’s dream.  Danny is a little American boy… (Ok, he is of Scottish ancestry that  explains why he is wandering around the hillsides of Scotland)…


Anyway, his shoes were purchased in the USA and were a size 8.  Now Danny being a very clever boy and astute at accumulating lists of things, has discovered that shoe sizes are not the same the world over.  So it is no surprise that in his dream he meets children from around the world whose footwear reflects their relative shoe size.

First he meets a boy with very small shoes from Mexico…size 5.  He then meets a boy from the UK whose shoes are a size 7.  So far so good but then it gets weirder. A boy from Japan with size 15 shoes pops into his dream and his shoes are double the length of his own size 8.  ‘It is because we are superior’, says the boy from Japan and we have bigger shoes to demonstrate this.

Just then a European boy, I think from Spain, enters into the dream.  ‘But mine are bigger at size 24.5’ says the boy from Spain.  ‘So we must be the best.’

‘Hold on a minute’, says a boy who has entered the dream from Russia.  ‘My size is 37 which trumps your shoe size.’

But then to all the boys’ amazement striding across the landscape of Danny’s dream struts a boy from Korea with a monumental shoe size of 248.

‘You win,’ shout all the boys acknowledging the obvious superiority of the Korean boy’s footwear.

A niggling thought, however, enters Danny’s dream, ‘but how will he be able to kick a ball with shoes that size!’

Tune in later for more of Danny’s dreams.

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