Danny convinces a garden maintenance company to employ an elf who is very persuasive with grass

By all accounts it appears that Danny is a lucky boy.  However, he is more inclined to reason than the vagaries of predestination, fate and luck.  Despite this, reason becomes somewhat stretched during his dreams.


Elves, as you will be aware, do not conform to the laws of reason and hence can undertake work that would have no place in modern professional occupations.  Let us take Gary Greensleeves (this sounds like a stage name to me) as an example. He looks after the grass by keeping it as green as possible.  Now I suppose we could stretch disbelief to consider whether he could find work for a garden maintenance firm.  Any self-respecting owner of such a firm would be unlikely to believe that keeping grass green was performing any worthwhile function.  They may ask him if he was willing to mow lawns, strim the edges or simply weed the flowers but Gary would probably decline indicating that his particular area of expertise was in persuading the grass to stay green.  ‘After all’, he might say, ‘what was the point of me studying at Elf University for 500 years understanding the psychology of grass, if all you want me to do is pull weeds out of the ground.’


At this point Danny interjects in the dream to point out to the owner of the garden maintenance company, ‘If Gary can persuade the grass to stay green, why don’t you ask him if he can persuade the grass to stay at the same height.  This would reduce your costs and make you very rich.’

And so the owner of the garden maintenance company asked Gary Greensleeves the question. Of course he could persuade grass to stay at the same height being an expert at persuading grass to comply with his wishes.  The owner offered Gary a Vice President role with his firm there and then, and this is why when you dream of grass you will note that it is of a uniform height and naturally, given Gary’s predisposition, it is always a very deep shade of green.

Check out later for Danny’s next dream adventure.

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