Specialisation and the Working ‘Thyme’ Directive are causing industrial tensions between elves and bumble bees

Danny’s dream expands to include a further two elves sitting on top of another mushroom.  In his dream he discovers that they specialise in caring for different colored flowers.


He wonders why they do this and in conversation with Yellow Fellow discovers that this was not always the case.  Elves worked in a more generic way caring for any flowers they came upon regardless of color.  However, there were some elves who, being a bit egotistical, preferred to match their outfits with a particular color of flower and so the move to specialisation was introduced.  Unfortunately this has led to restrictive working practices where flowers are of two or more colors.  The result being that these flowers have to wait to be cared for, sometimes for days, by the elf specialising in the alternate color.  Bumble bees are obviously unhappy with this type of arrangement and are lobbying hives around Danny’s dream with the prospect of taking some industrial action as this is adding hours to their already busy working day.

The elves in the meantime cite ‘Elf’ and Safety regulations and Working ‘Thyme’ Directives to back up their position.

Who knows where Danny’s dream will take us next.  Tune in to find out.

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