Danny contemplates the infinite shades of color in his dreams

Danny encounters another elf in his dream.  It is Walt Whiteman who became famous in elf circles for his poem ‘I sing the body battery operated.’  This was before the elves tapped into their unlawful supply of electricity from the local hydropower scheme.


Now Walt specialised in looking after the white flowers, hence his name.  He was prone to fall out with the other elves as they argued that white wasn’t a proper color… well not in the same way as yellow or blue or red.  This really upset Walt and he would enter into philosophical discussions on the variation in shades of white, along with its  subtle complimentary nature that is able to reflect other colors surrounding it.  His main point stressed the fact that there is no single color of white but many shades, thus making white a very important color.

This causes Danny to think in his dream that if every shade of every color that existed were laid end to end this would probably stretch to infinity or at least, he thought, round to the local ice cream store.

What happens next in Danny’s dream.

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