Danny questions Betsie about the bees’ bumbling reputation

Danny hears a sound in his dream.  It is Betsie Bee going buzz buzz buzz.

‘Is that you buzzing?’ asked Danny.

‘It’s my cell phone.  I have it on vibrate,’ answers Betsie who takes a call from the local supermarket seeking a new delivery of the hive’s best honey.


When she finishes her call, Danny asks Betsie why bees get such a bad name for bumbling.  Betsie explains to Danny that all the references to bumble bees are libellous and the deriding assertions do not stand up to scrutiny.  On the contrary, bees are very organised and industrious, working collectively in their respective roles to achieve their common goals.  In addition, they perform an essential and worthwhile function for the collective good of nature.

Danny thinks, in his dream, about the bee’s answer and points out that this is counterbalanced due to the ridiculous black and yellow sweaters that bees insist on wearing.

Betsie weighs up whether it is possible to sting someone in their dream!

I wonder what Danny will get up to next.

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