Danny recognises the emotional intelligence of an elf suffering from depression

‘Why are you the blue elf?’ Danny asks Barry Bluebell from a corner of his dream.

‘It is because, like one in every four elves, I suffer from depression,’ comes the matter of fact and honest answer from Barry.  Barry has a good deal of insight into his condition, recognising that the cause of his depression comes from his poor ‘elf image leading to a chronic lack of ‘elf worth.


‘It helps that I have friends,’ continues Barry, even though he knows that his best friend keeps hiding from him.  Again Barry has a realistic insight into why this is the case and is aware of the effect he has on his friend.  He recognises how waring his relentless ‘elf doubts and constant analysis of whether he is fulfilling his life can be.

‘But Barry, understanding the effect you have on others is surely a sign of an enhanced sensitivity and emotional intelligence.  You should take strength from these qualities and use this to feel good about yourself making the most of your life.’

‘That is very helpful,’ says Barry.  ‘In fact you have motivated me to expand my horizons.’

…and with this, Barry marshals all his will power and sets off to go shopping.

Will Danny encounter Barry’s friend next.  Tune in to find out.

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