Danny decides to buy a giant sombrero to rebel against over regulation of hat sizes

Danny searches everywhere in the landscape of his dream to find Barry Bluebell’s friend Tiny Timmy Tryhaton.  It takes him a while but eventually he sees his head under a bluebell flower.


”Why are you hiding Timmy?’ asks Danny.

‘I’m trying to keep out of the way of Barry Bluebell as he goes on and on about his problems.  I can understand he needs to talk about these things but it just gets a little bit tiresome.’

‘So how did you end up with a job finding hats for all the other elves?’

Tiny Timmy Tryhaton explains the lawsuit concerning the elf whose hat fell over his eyes because it was too big and resulted in him coloring a whole field of red poppies blue.  It was decided by the elf parliament that there needed to be an international standard for elf hats and that Timmy would be given the job.

Danny thought to himself that this was just another instance of over regulation in his dreams and made a mental note to buy himself an oversized sombrero as a form of protest.

What will he get up to in his dream next?

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