The elves wrap bits of Danny’s dream in a bluebell flower resulting in his entry for the National Somnambulist of the Year Award

The elves saw that Danny was about to wake up so they decided to give him a parting gift from his dream.  They gathered together thoughts and ideas from Danny’s dream that happened to be lying about the Scottish hillside.  They neatly stacked them together, the various landscapes, castles, mountains, lochs, Nessie, colors, flowers, ideas, imaginings and of course soccer.


They then folded them up and placed them gently in a bluebell flower specially selected by Tiny Timmy Tryhaton for its dream holding qualities.

When Danny woke up to walk back to his cottage he noticed the bluebell flower beside him and, instinctively recognising its importance, picked it up and placed it in his pocket.

When he got home, he showed the flower to his mother and father.  ‘That is quite special,’ they said.  And with this they made their mind up to enter Danny for the National Somnambulist of the Year Award.

It really was a dream come true for Danny!

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