A wave conveys quite different things for Dylan or a Gobi Desert hill tribe

Dylan waves.  A simple action you might say but why does such a move of the arm and the hand convey such meaningful communication?  As an act of non verbal communication Dylan is expressing, in an instant, both his hopes and expectations for the journey ahead while wishing well to those that are viewing his farewell.


So we know that Dylan is heading off full of anticipation for adventures and encounters.  He seems a bit young to take a gap year even if it is to benefit from such an educational and life enhancing experience to compare and contrast different cultures, climates and traditions on his journey.  I suppose as a painted character that despite his age, we can afford him the license to experience and encounter the journey ahead through the seasons.

…but back to the wave that communicates so much.  Did you know that the same actions mean something quite different to the hill tribes of the Gobi desert where the movement of the arm conveys to those watching that the actor is not bidding adieu but rather he is about to wash his windows and the viewer should set off at once to fetch a sponge and a bucket of water.

More soon on Dylan’s travels.

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