Dylan understands the real meaning of the seasons and has a ‘rer ter’

Dylan clearly knows about the seasons as he uses the left hand side of his brain and is a very clever boy with an excellent understanding of language and its meaning.  He knows that Spring is the season for renewal to grow the seed of ideas and to ‘spring’ forward in developing your potential.


He understands the meaning of summer with the inclusion of the ‘sum’ which he associates with his arithmetic tests at that time of year.  He is aware that Autumn is the box where his mother keeps the blankets which she brings out when the heat of Summer starts to fade and the evenings become colder.  Finally, Winter, he recognises as a containing two words, ‘in’ which symbolises the slowing down, inner thoughts and meditations at that time of year.  In addition he sees the word ‘ter’ which he know is derived from the Glaswegian phrase ‘rer ter’, for having a good time.

We are excited about Dylan’s travels so tune in for more soon.

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