Dylan surveys Spring, the merits of agricultural economics of sheep on trains and racketeering mice

Dylan, as he surveys the scene, sees that the frozen fields are gradually warming in the spring sunshine, flowers are starting to emerge from their long winter sleep.  A bear and her cub emerge from hibernation, named, not after the title the Romans gave to Ireland where they spent their winters but after a Scottish soccer team whose defence was always asleep.


…but there are a few strange things in the picture, Dylan thinks to himself.  Why is there a a train filled with sheep?  Have farmers found it more economical to send their sheep on an away-day train break with a restaurant car, than to feed them hay at home?

There is also a giraffe driving a car.  He better watch for low bridges.

A mouse is driving a very expensive sports car.  How did he get the money? Was he running a protection racket with cheese shops and exploiting the poor store owners with threats of ‘accidents can happen to your Gorgonzola mate, if your not careful… better to pay up so I can protect you from those pesky mice’.

It’s a rat race out there, Dylan thought to himself, at the same time noticing dinosaurs were on an orange train.  Perhaps they had started before the ice age and got lost.  Next stop extinction!

Soon Dylan will meet a snowman who, as well as speaking esperanto, is fluid in a number of liquids.

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