Dylan wonders if snowmen just melt into the background or are re-incarnated

Dylan wonders about the snowman who is melting.  When he was built, he existed from various bits of snow and household items.  He came to take on a distinct personality with his own flaws and characteristics.  In effect the snowman became somebody.

But now he is starting to melt and Dylan considers whether snowmen have souls.  Does their soul transcend to a snowman heaven where they meet a snowman god and sing in a choir of snow angels.  ‘Yes that must be it’, thought Dylan reflecting on the snow angels he had made last winter.  ‘This is where they must go’.


…but then he remembered that water still exists when the snowman melts.  It too has its own characteristics flowing in a certain way, unique to its own chaos.  Water would find its own level in the world perhaps staying underground for a while before making its way into a small stream, into a roaring river, into lakes, estuaries and the mighty sea.  Through all that process it would enjoy meeting up with other water, seeing the world and eventually evaporating into the air to form clouds that drift across the land falling as rain…or snow.  Would it then be formed into another snowman by the industrious hands of a six year old creator?

Dylan realised the possibility of re-incarnation for snowmen.

See what Dylan gets up to next.

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