Dylan reflects on the merits of lambs arriving at their destination by train before Mary

Dylan watched the purple train with a full passenger list of lambs and reflected on the merits of train journeys over other forms of transport.

‘Much better than plane journeys’ he thought, ‘as there is no need to wait in queues, check in luggage and go though security.  Better than cars too, as it is more environmentally friendly and quicker than cycling.  As he surveyed the sheep, Dylan also considers that there is no communal experience quite like a train full of lambs.


This last thought was reinforced as he heard in the distance the sound of the lambs in unison singing along to the ‘clickety clack’ rhythm of the train….’Mary had a little lamb who used his cheap train fare, so everywhere that Mary went, she found him already there.’

One final thought occurred to Dylan… lambs have not yet learned how to ride a bicycle.

Tune in next for Dylan’s traveling thoughts.

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